High There For Canada

Hey how’s it going? I hope you’re doing well and also thanks for checking out my page. It’s been quite a while since I posted, but I still come around from time to time.

I wanted to take some time to just talk about something I’ve seen in the local as well as national newspapers these past few weeks. I’ve seen so much news here in Ottawa about 2017’s cannabis revolution and of the process that Canada is making to move from medical marijuana to recreational across the nation. This move has been a 2 sided argument for both sides (supporters & non-supporters), and I want to take my opinion on this one and break down what I think are the good and bad things for 2017 recreational marijuana market. So grab yourself a good beverage and just relax, lets talk about this.

When PM Trudeau was first running for the role of PM, his one of many ideas was to open the gates of recreational distribution of marijuana on a retail level such as its competitor alcohol. The country is already a medical country, meaning there are over 30+ LP’s (licensed producers) who have been growing, selling and shipping medical marijuana across the nation. The move to recreational wouldn’t be a hard transition, because each province already has its own chains of medical dispensaries or better known as LP’s.

LP’s are great, but the process of how it works to obtain medical marijuana in Canada isn’t something that can be obtainable through a recreational market. For those who are unaware or unsure, medical marijuana works as so; If you are a medical patient who lives in Ontario, you can choose to be with any LP (licensed producer) across the nation. Some LP’s offer strains and varieties that might be more tailored to your reason why you use medical marijuana. The way it works is you order your medicine online through an online shopping catalog that your LP has setup, then once you pay they will ship the package to your home or location that you have chosen your medicine to be shipped to.

This works for medical patients because out of the 31+ million people who live in this country, only about ~40,000+ people living here have a medical license. So this method works well for those ~40K+ patients. For the mass market or the rest of Canadians, it will have to be sold in a manor such as alcohol is sold. This is through the use of a brick and mortar, stand alone store. There currently has been some talk about the fact that since this will be a government run and monitored operation, some say that there is a chance that it may be shipped and sold through a similar if not same way the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and other alcohol distributors across the nation are sold. The LCBO is one of the many locations across Canada that is controlled through the government and there is speak that they might generate either a whole new store for marijuana and/or they may have sections in house of each LCBO that will have a small selection on hand.

The problem with that is 1. it promotes the use of both substances at the same time, which is highly not recommend. 2. they also would be missing on the opportunity to grow the job market and local businesses. The issue that a lot of Canadians are currently having is a lack of jobs, which is making even small jobs more and more competitive with older and younger adults. The best opportunity that they can bring to the public is allowing licenses to be registered like in Colorado. Allow stores to obtain their product through licensed growers.

The downside of this option is how to you monitor regulation, stock and sources. If everyone is allowed to pop up their own store, how do you monitor where they gain their supply and stock from? This is something I wont indulge too deep into, but allowing growers to support local stores does sound like the best method, but that requires growing licenses, what they can grow, how much they can grow at a time and so on. Some small talk I’ve heard from other people is that Canada already has a stocked supply of marijuana that medical LP’s have sold to the government to generate a stock that small stores will have access to, which then keeps LP’s and their growers as the main growers. This sounds like a full proof plan, but I believe it will go the Colorado route and just find a balance of allowing growers to grow, as long as they test the marijuana for all the aspects such as THC levels, terp tests and making sure their product comes pre-packaged before leaving the warehouse.

The upside of all these options that have been buzzed around still mean that there will be jobs created, there will be a solid method of delivering the first shipments of marijuana, but its a time stamp game of Spring 2017 to see what truly happens. My own opinion or my own guess as to what will happen might be something around these lines; They will start by adding this talk of extra stock into some liquor licensed locations such as the LCBO, and they will have a few boutique varieties for locations to try. The prices may be higher than street, but as competition comes in, prices will vary. As they start rolling it out to stores they have control over, they will then allow small businesses to put in papers to obtain a small business license to sell and obtain recreational marijuana. In 2018 we will start to see actual stores and brands pop up in smaller locations like small towns, and larger cities will have already have some stores that open legally, or they will move a little quicker and try to be out by 2017. By the end of 2018 hopefully nationwide will be internationalized, but even my guesses could move faster or slower than normal.

Another thing to note, the sale of edibles or medibles as some may say also have a potential to not fully make it to recreational markets as Canada, like every other state in the USA, tries to find a balance of how they can see medicated foods that children won’t be able to get their hands on, and if they do they will properly know what it is and not to eat it. In places like Colorado and Washington state, the edible market is so mixed around and is in a grey area of being legal, but only to a certain point. Shapes of edibles have been removed from the OK list, while others are simple stamped illegal. Canada might roll out edibles, but legal edibles might not see store shelves for a while unless they can determine those factors listed above.

Either you are a supporter of the move towards recreational cannabis, you don’t care for it or maybe you just are sitting on a fence and waiting to see what happens, we can all agree that recreational marijuana is a step forward into the movement of cannabis prohibition.


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Future For PC Gamers

So far in 2016 gaming has been pushing as a media that all ages and everyone is starting to really get into. The consoles are couch friendly and the PC is pushing the limits of what is real and what is reality. Today I specifically want to talk about PC gamers and talk about what might be in the future for us gamers. First, grab a drink and get comfy, I hope you enjoy.

Nvidia and AMD have recently showcased and launched the new lines of video cards. Some are of course pushing the prices up, but giving performance that most computers can’t even handle. They’re launching the RX 480 and GTX 1060, which are both high-mid cards at a price-point that is more comfortable when deciding to switch to PC gaming. At around $350 CAD, the cards are looking great, but this isn’t singlehandedly making PC gaming better.

The second main thing that we will see is cheaper components. You need things like a good motherboard, cpu, cooling system and as well as great power supply. When it comes to the finer things such as a GPU, RAM or even having an SSD vs. HDD, are all things that before we wouldn’t look at because prices were too high. Now with a rise in PC gaming, we are starting to see prices that are more manageable for newcomers and people who do slow upgrades over the years. For example, a 1TB SSD would originally cost $1000 when new to market, but now we can see them for as little at $450! That just shows that its a time for building cheaper computers with more power and you won’t loose performance because you can always make changes with the lower costs.

This should be obvious, but PC games are now seeing more price cuts and we gamers are always just looking in sales for good prices with games such as DOOM that we can get for a steal. The main reason you invested in a gaming PC is to play those games, but no longer will you have to fork out $80-$110 per game. PC gaming is becoming a market that opens up the opportunity to shop for a game like Call of Duty from different sites to find the best deal. There is just 1 platform you’re playing on, which is your PC. The only main limitations are the services such as Steam, UPlay, Origin that have their own clients, which can limit where games get played and how they are purchased. Other than that games are becoming cheaper again for PC users.

A negative that I’m seeing/experiencing is the fact that companies are pushing the graphical limitations of PC’s. The fact is that there are hundreds of new games that even I can’t play or at the very least they aren’t going to be smooth frames. Games like Forza Horizon are coming to PC, and I would love to play it, but the highest I could play it even with my R7 370 would be Medium settings 30fps. That’s not terrible, but for a racing simulator, you want the smoothest and best looking experience you can get. With that, some games such as OverWatch are extremely easy to run. The game only really requires a 750ti as it’s highest card. The game plays amazing and the graphics are still breathtaking even though they have that realism pixar look.

Even with games being hard to run, there are still going to be hundreds if not thousands of games coming out over the next couple of years. PC gamers are starting to see more and more good games come out, plus now with Xbox and the play anywhere, people like myself who own an Xbox One and a decent PC will be able to play the games on both at not extra charge after purchase. That means if I wanted to play something like Gears of War or Forza with higher frames, I can build my PC to suite those games. Either way though I know my Xbox One can play them, so until I choose to take the plunge and upgrade, I can still couch play the games on the Xbox One perfectly fine.

The final thing I wanted to talk about was knowledge. Not some “how did I buy a labo” type of knowledge. I mean now that PC gaming is becoming more and more popular, this means more and more people are becoming educated and aware of PC gaming. A friend I know has never PC gamed before, but now he’s heading off to Uni and he’s looking into a gaming desktop that can do his school work and play games, just so he can avoid having to have his PS4 there. This means he has a computer ready for his program, but he can also game on it in his downtime, which eliminates having to have a separate item like a console or handheld with you. As people learn about PC gaming and get a better understanding for the parts inside, the more opportunity it has to grow in the gaming community.

The other day I even overheard a conversation of someone building a TV unit with a PC inside that can also game, so now they can watch all the media they want on the computer side, but then they can plug in some controllers and have a family game night with the gaming side of things. All this and more inside a PC, which majority of you already know how to use. I’m not saying there will be news on CBC about parents building PC’s for their kids, but the fact that I can go to my dad and talk about PC gaming and he has a basic understanding of the insides means that it’s becoming a knowledge that people are starting to just have on hand. This is only positive and can only go up from here.

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The iPad 4th Generation 

This is a few years late in the making, but actually it’s a new device to me. My girlfriend originally got this iPad for school, and I got the iPad mini first generation instead of a big ol’ iPad like she got. She stopped using it as much, so I decided to take the opportunity to try it out, see what it’s like to own a larger iPad. I’ve been using it on and off for about a week now, so I want to talk more indepth about this device. Before we begin, go grab a drink and sit back, relax and enjoy this with me. 

A week ago I got the device, but I decided to keep it in the same state I got it. It’s still running iOS 7 and I left her games on here too, just because they were all pretty fun. I started by changing the backgrounds and moving the apps around for my own comfort, and I then downloaded a few apps such as WordPress and Spotify. I’m trying to use the device more than my MacBook or my phone, but we will get back to this discussion soon. 

The main thing I wanted to try was the virtual keyboard. Unlike an iPad mini, the keyboard is a lot larger and more realistic. I started typing a few Word Docs on here and I was instantly surprised with how well the keyboard really was. The size is almost perfect, the feedback is very instant (not freezing) and all around I’m able to type posts like the one you’re reading right now. I’m trying to see how realistic this iPad would be for typing documents, like someone might do with a MacBook or any other laptop. 

For things like reading, watching video and even playing Spotify out loud it was actually very very nice. I would enjoy reading on my smaller iPad, but the screen here is just so much more crisp and clear. Everything you do looks fantastic on this retina screen. Were this device shines more than an iPad mini is this device is an amazing couch friend. It’s the perfect size for laying on a couch or even sitting in a comfy chair. The size is what I would say a good “cuddle” size, meaning it fits in your hands very comfortably like your cuddling the device. 

This device does have some downfalls. First I want to mention this device is heavy. It’s not great for bed and it’s not awesome to lug around like a mini. It’s not as bad as a laptop, but it’s just a little big and heavy. The second biggest complaint I have is the battery takes FOREVER to charge this device. It literally takes around 3 hours to charge. The flip of the coin is the device lasts 10 hours, which for me is about a week of on screen time without playing media out loud. The last thing I don’t like as much is the fact that’s there is only one speaker. Now I know 90% of iPads have this issue, but the speaker on this is actually very good, so it would have been nice to have more speakers, exspecually because music and video is so useful on this device. 

Before I said I wanted to try and use this more than my MacBook. I have a MacBook or 13″ mid-2012 that I use as my main and only computer aside my gaming desktop, which is 99% for gaming. I always see people making a switch to an iPad or using the iPad as the home device, so I decided to try this. We already know the typing is great, the screen amazing and the rest of the device is just great. The only downside is the lack of useful apps and most things you’ll be doing is either scrolling through or watching/listening to media. For gaming, reading and watching things it’s awesome. When it comes to producing work such as writing long articles or having the fluid movements and tasks like on a laptop, it falls behind. That being said, if you only have an iPad and you have the time as well as the effort, you could do pretty much anything on an iPad. The possibilities extend with the newer iPads as well. 

If you’re really creative and maybe all you have is an iPad, you can get everything you need done. That being said, this is an older iPad  so some apps just won’t download or run. Having iOS 7 also makes it even harder so if you get one used, you might want to consider getting upgrading the iOS. Going back a bit, yes if you’re a heavy computer user or you’re at a job that doesn’t have apps, you might want to skip on the iPad all together. This iPad is great even in 2016 so knowing that you should be able to pick one up at a great deal if you can even find them. 

So what are my final closing thoughts? If you can find this iPad for cheap, it’s really great even after 3 years. If you’re a heavy computer user, avoid using this as a main device. This device is an awesome couch buddy and the newer iPads are even bigger and lighter. I can’t complain about this iPad because with iOS 7, it’s about as good as I know it to be. Would I recommend you buy one? If you can find one go for it. Here in Canda you might have a harder time finding a 4th generation, but they are out there on eBay and other auction sites. I can see myself using it every day like my iPad mini, but there are exceptions to the rule. 

I hope you enjoyed my first week device. I will most likely do a month or 2 review, so Tay tuned in for that. You can do that by following me here or on Twitter @EmersonKeeling. I hope you all have a great day/evening/night and I’ll talk to you all later! 

Xbox Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale has been good to us this year. We’ve seen so many good price drops on new releases such as DOOM, Fallout 4 and even GTA V all getting at least 40% off this year. We thought it was as good as it could get for us gamers, but then Microsoft dropped the release date and teaser for their annual summer sale. They strategically start it RIGHT after the Steam Summer Sale. I hope you saved a bit of cash because it’s going to be round two for your wallet.

The Xbox sales aren’t usually something to keep a watchful eye for. Last year they did however turn the tables, even more so if you were an Xbox 360 user. They really do deliver when it comes to their sales. To start off, most of their games are upwards of 40%-60% off retail price, plus if you have Gold (which most of you do) you’ll get an additional 10% off as well! If they are like last year, they might even give you a Gold subscription again for something like $1 for the first month again. This was a great move by Xbox because not only did it give the customers an additional 10% off for their games, but it let them online, which is a great bonus for people who may not use online on their Xbox One’s.

Microsoft is also well known for offering the deals both in the virtual store, but as well in the hardware and hard copy store as well. Last year if you visited http://www.Xbox.ca/com you could even save on a new Xbox One console, plus some of the hard copy disc games had discounts as well. So if you’re interested in getting a few games or even a new Xbox, make sure you check out the Microsoft Store as well as your regions Xbox.ca website for more savings.

Now why is this sale such a big deal? The trailer they launched on their YouTube page suggests that AAA games and new releases such as Quantum Break, Forza and much more will all be a part of the sale as well. Most companies try to keep some of the new releases out of the sale because they can still make much more money in full retail scenarios. Microsoft doesn’t care, and in addition to all this, even some PC games will go on sale. If you’re thinking that maybe you want to start getting into PC gaming or you want to see if your PC is able to run these games at a smooth frame rate, this is your golden opportunity to get a cheap game and try to load it up and see how it goes.

I for example tried Forza Apex to see how I could run that game, personally it ran like garbage because my computer wasn’t powerful enough for it. But since this sale is going on, maybe I’ll pick up something like Gears Of War and see where it takes me. I hope this sale doesn’t disappoint because I’m not holding off spending in the Steam Sale again so I can try to get a game or two from Xbox’s summer sale.

For more details check out these two links here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlUdodYhxKU & http://www.xbox.com/en-ca/promotions/sales/sales-and-specials

I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope you all have a great week with this upcoming sale from the 5th – 11th. If you enjoyed this post please remember to like, share and even leave a comment! I would love to hear what games you think you’ll pick up during this sale. Have a great day/evening/night and follow me here and on Twitter @EmersonKeeling and I’ll talk to you all in the next post!

Overwatch: Why so good?

Unless you live under a rock, Overwatch is killing the fps game *Battle what now?* but all jokes aside, Overwatch is one of Blizzards newest game, which they are known for games such as World Of WarCraft and Diablo. There is about 7 million registered players and this number keeps growing and growing each day as people save up for this awesome game. The question a lot of people have about the game that don’t already own it is why do we love it so much? So today I’m going to give you a few of my good main reasons why I think a lot of people love the game. This is also a PC perspective, so the experience may differ on consoles.

The first point I want to make is it’s a very high quality made game. They put so many graphical and eye candy details into this game that it just looks like a good game. A lot of the time when a game comes out it starts off looking okay, but over time they update the visual effects such as lighting and physics. This game also plays very well on-top of looking so well. They make each of the 21 playable characters all feel nice while keeping their art style present.

That takes me onto my second point, there are so many characters to choose from. There are 21 playable characters each with their own playable style. You have the main offensive characters that are meant to be ahead of the crowd and get up-close kills, defensive characters that stay a little back such as a sniper or a turret, there is also heavy defensive characters that are focused on having high shields to protect the team and the last category is supportive players which heal other players. I won’t go into all the details, but mostly every character has a weakness so for example the robot/turret Bastion is very overpowered, but on his back he has a weak spot that a Tracer can run behind and kill him almost immediately.

The game also includes many unique and fun maps. The maps resemble areas around the world such as Greece, Mexico and the USA that are all visually appealing but as well offer unique routes through the map to help players win. There is a main linear approach to each map, so you always follow the “yellow brick road” to the other enemies. There are however side buildings, roads and towers that can let you hide to heal, flank the other team or just offer support for defense characters such as a Widowmaker (Sniper). This unique approach makes every game feel fresh, even though the maps do tend to get repetitive. For example, when playing “Payload” on Hollywood, you are almost 75% of the time going to get stuck right before the Payload because the defensive team has such an advantage over your spawn point.

Moving forward, there is also a few things most players don’t think about. This game has no visual bullets and no blood. This means that there isn’t bodies laying on the ground squirting out blood while screaming, it’s a more cartoon friendly approach and there is no blood flying around. Also there are some hidden fun things such as bells in the game actually make noises, so when you shoot a bell, it tings a little. There are so many easier eggs to find, but it’s very nice to see that they went a more family friendly approach versus a typical COD approach to the game.

There is also no sidebar that says who killed who, so you aren’t seeing how many people are dying, which makes you less nervous to do better. As well as you don’t really care about K/D (kills to death ratio) because the game focuses on what you did to support the team. Obviously being an FPS you’re going to care about kills, but it doesn’t shove the numbers down your throat. If you care enough they still tell you your accuracy and deaths etc. but I rarely care as long as I’m not dying too much and my team is pulling ahead. This game rely’s on objective and if you don’t obtain the objective, you’ll just plain out loose, regardless of how many kills you got.

This moves onto the next huge part of this game. Objective is literally everything, mostly because there is no TDM or any Free-for-all modes. They made every mode an objective mode and the games are randomly chosen so you can’t play just Payload or just king of the hill. You are randomly thrown into a lobby and you’re either attack or defense. Also this game relies on both your team and who is playing in your team. There is no I’ll go do my own thing, you’re all working together all the time. The game also puts a huge push towards having every style of players in each game. It tells you “you have too much or this” or “you need to have this” and 9/10 times it’s right. You actually need to have a tank player and a healer. Yes, I’m sure you could walk in with 6 Genji’s but that’s not why they made this game.

Being a team game does have downsides, but obviously Blizzard chose this approach because they knew this game would work well as a game you and a couple of your close friends could play together. The game is going to constantly be growing and you have the peace of mind that Blizzard will be giving all/any new maps, modes and characters to you for free when they do come out. This game is apparently a one time purchase, meaning you shouldn’t have to buy into anymore download or upgrades. There is however micro-transactions, but they are 100% optional at this point and they provide no gain within the game.

The all-around fun part is just levelling. There is no cap of levelling, so you can go for as long as you want in this game. The last thing I want to mention is the fact that this game is just plain simple. There is no campaign or additional modes, instead you see this game for what it is and either like it or not. The price might be a bit high at first, but once you start to sink some hours into the game, the price just goes away in your mind because the game was made well and hopefully will live up to our standards from here on out.

If you have not yet picked this game up, I would highly recommend you at least get it on PC first. It’s not a hard game to run by any means and I’m sure it will be something you or someone you know will be happy to play.

I hope you liked this lengthy blog, but if you have any good ideas or reasons of why someone might like this game, leave a comment below! I hope you all have a great day/evening/night and follow me on here and on Twitter @EmersonKeeling for more up-to-date information on things such as Overwatch. Again, have a great one and I’ll see you on the battlefield.


E3 PS4 Vs. Xbox One

Either you get the hype from watching the whole E3 presentation or you don’t, but a lot of us enjoy picking one side or another when it comes to the showdown between Microsoft and Sony. I’m sticking to these 2 competitors only because Nintendo is still working out what their doing with their consoles and company, so lets talk about what’s going down.

Starting with Microsoft because they went first, they KILLED it this year around. I will not lie when I say they had me sitting there like wow you’re listening, in a good way! They didn’t announce AS many games like they usually do, but they did show some games that just look fantastic. As well, they talked about their new consoles and what they want to do with Xbox as a whole. The idea that they want to share games with PC gamers is just a step in the right direction. I’ll come back to Xbox and Microsoft as a whole, but first lets discuss what Sony has been up to.

Sony has this way of presenting things in ways to keep you hyped. Unlike Microsoft, they primarily focused on just software and games for this event. They did announce an official price for Playstation VR, but they might change and finalize when it launches and game bundles are created. I again won’t lie, Sony killed it with game after game after concept games. They just blew your mind with how many games they are launching in the next year. They’re pushing VR pretty heavy, so if you’re like me and don’t want to partake in it yet, you might be a little let down. All-in-all they topped their game level from last year.

Taking a look back at Microsoft, they are re-releasing the Xbox One with their Xbox One S, which basically means the Slim version of what we have now. There is a 40% less size gap and a few new features packed in, but if you have an Xbox One right now, there isn’t really a big desire to upgrade, unless you like a white Xbox One and maybe you need more internal storage. The console is promoting 2TB of internal storage, as well as no more power brick which is AMAZING for organizing gaming cabinets or taking it on the go. It’s much welcomed into the family and if you haven’t joined team MS, this might be the time. While we are on the topic, they also finally talked about Project Scorpio and again, the hype is there and it’s just something we have to talk about.

Project Scorpio is the new console Microsoft is building that will support native 4K gaming and will basically be a very high-end PC built into a console. It’s about as powerful as a 6-core gaming PC with a GTX 970-980. This console will be priced at a very premium price compared to what we have now, but the CEO Phil Spencer stated that it’s aimed ONLY for the gamers who already have a 4K TV or display and want to play games at that native resolution. This isn’t going to be a console that makes games specifically to compete with PC gaming. They promised us as a consumer that we can play every and any new release on the only consoles when this new one comes out. They didn’t deny that indie developers might make games for it specifically, but every AAA game or cross-plat will be supported with your Xbox One right now. Again, this is ONLY for people who want to play at 4K on their TV’s, unless you have a ton of money to throw down on a console and play at 1080p, you might not ever need this console.

Sony is also working hard on getting games out and ready for the VR. They want to release more full games and not just demo’s or games that just show how the headset works. For almost $500 it better have games. It’s good to know that PS4 is going to work towards getting more games out for the gamers. There was no PS4 4K, 4.5 or Neo announced, but that doesn’t mean they won’t talk about this later in the year. For now, we can accept that they have a strong line-up of games, which can be found here.

Now, for the last thing that is big from Microsoft, which is the fact that they want to include PC gamers from now on. This is just smart and I hope Sony can join this movement. They decided to release a PC copy of each AAA exclusive so you can play anywhere and anyway. Let me explain this a bit better with an example. Lets say you want to get Sea of Thieves, but you want it for both PC and console. As long as you have an Xbox account, once you buy the game, you’ll be given a download code for both console and PC. The idea here is when you’re away from your console or if you want to change up strategy, you can still play the same game. This is a fantastic idea and I’m so happy they’re doing this. If there is a game you want to play on PC that’s on Xbox, they’ll most likely make it happen. If you have a game your PC can’t run such as Forza Horizon 3, play it on Xbox.

I’m not going to go through every game launched, but these are so-far the best things that have come in my opinion this E3. What team are you on this year? PS or MS? I’m sticking with Microsoft this year because of the inclusion of PC and they are showing progression. They failed at launch, but they’re building the way back up to please us as the gamers. They listened to our demands, now we are seeing what they are doing about that and it’s amazing. Let me know if you’re team PS or MS in the comments below. Also let me know why?

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iPhone SE

Apple every year releases the next greatest and most advanced smartphone, but I’ve been waiting for the time when Apple stops and takes an old design and makes an amazing phone with old technology. I personally was waiting for an iPhone with iPhone 6S internals inside an iPhone 3GS body imagine the amount of battery they could fit in that curved back but for now the iPhone SE is were we went. Let’s talk about the iPhone SE a little more from a supporters side of view. Sit back, relax and grab a cold one and lets talk.

Apple announced the iPhone SE in march, which is very odd because most of their phones launch in September. This phone was rumored many times, but ultimately it came down to an iPhone 5S with bumped up specs. A LOT of people weren’t really happy with this phone and many YouTubers think this phone was a waist of time and the market now for this phone is over. The funniest thing is people are saying “This phone is WAY to small for the average consumer” but if you used iPhone’s before the 6, this was literally the largest phone Apple made before the launch of the 6. You’re just going back to what Steve Jobs was trying to make for the consumers, a 1 handed device that can be used with just the 1 hand.

Now yes, we have become more comfortable carrying 5″ phones, but there are times when I can’t stand how large my phone screen is. I switched to a OnePlus X from my iPhone 5, and I’m still experiencing so many typing errors because of the jump in screen size. To me, the only reason you need a bigger phone is if you are on your phone a lot and use it more than a computer or TV. We have become so attached to our phones, we almost always need them in our hands. A customer who came into my store the other day even said to his friend (who was on his phone) “Hey man, we literally just got out of the car and pulled out our phones. What the hell is wrong with us?” and I thought yeah you just drove here together to shop, but you pulled out your phones and ignored each other.

Moving back to the topic, to me the iPhone SE is the perfect size. It’s a one handed device for people who are just checking and using their phone on a less regular basis. If you have large hands, I totally understand the appeal for a large phone. I have regular size hands and I still prefer to type and scroll through pages on my iPhone 5, because it feels more comfortable. Not only that, but Apple recycled the design of the older iPhones, which makes it more affordable for yourself and myself to purchase. The phone starts at ~$400+ but that’s a lot more affordable than an ~$600+ iPhone 6S.

Apple also included all the specs of the iPhone 6S, so you’re not loosing any performance when switching to this device. This phone to me seems like it’s the perfect match if you don’t need that large of a phone. You can get any iPhone 5/5S case, you can use the headphone jack (because iPhone 7 might not have one) and you don’t have to loose the performance at all in the device. Bundle all that with a lower price tag and it’s hard to say that the new iPhone SE is a throw away device from Apple.

Again if you’re any of the following, this device might not be for you:

  1. You have large hands and find it hard to type on older phones;
  2. You watch a lot of video on your mobile devices;
  3. You are constantly on your phone, so a small screen might hurt your eyes;
  4. You like having a longer and thinner device in your hands;
  5. You don’t need an upgrade.

All of those are fair arguments. If you’re like myself and many others and you enjoyed the size of the older iPhone’s but you need a power upgrade, look no further. I’m glad Apple made the time to build a device for people who aren’t glued to their phone or have smaller hands. We’ve become so attached to phones that even tablet are becoming irrelevant due to the fact that we can make phones the same size. That’s a topic for another time though.

Do you have the new iPhone SE or are you considering upgrading to one? Let me know with a comment! I hope you have a great day/evening/night and follow me here and on Twitter @EmersonKeeling for more up-to-date information and post. Take it easy guys and I’ll talk to you later.

Nostalgia in Gaming

In 2016 there is a huge investment in gaming as a whole. Better graphics, more games and the slow transition to PC all make gaming better and better as the year goes on. But there is also another thing that is starting to sell more games, so lets talk about this. Sit back, relax and grab yourself a cold one.

When growing up playing games, we all have those games we just loved. We sunk in hundreds of hours, and we took the time to enjoy those games. Most people think that if a game was great in the past, keep it in the past as good memories. Others now think, if the game was great in the part, re-release a remastered edition so myself and others can see why it was so great. This year alone has some really good remasters and this whole concept of making a game from the ground up with better graphics is really catching the eye of developers.

This can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing. Let’s start with how this is a good thing and work our way down to how it can be a bad thing. The main reason people want a remastered or re-released game altogether is because either the game wasn’t marketed enough and flu under the radar so no one saw it, or they want to relive the game. Some games are just hidden gems and sometimes the marketing team just didn’t have the budget to make the game as big as a Call Of Duty launch. Sometimes, a game from the past was so good, the game could even hold its own in today’s market. Usually the only downside of older games is the fact that the graphics start to look worse and worse each year. 

Game developing companies now are really starting to take those older gems and fan favourites and build them over again to keep up with today’s standards. Most of the time they simply just use better graphics to make the game better, but some games will tweak controls to make it feel newer. I believe when 343 re-made Halo 1, they made the controls a little more tight to match how player would play using a 360 control, since the Xbox original controller was a bit larger.

Another reason why people want remasters is because some games are so good, they just need another release so others can enjoy the game. Take Zelda Wind Waker for example, that game was fantastic on GameCube so bringing it over to the Wii U just made the game better. The game itself is amazing and fan of the GC version fell in love over again. All this sounds pretty great right? People can play their old games with newer graphics, they can share old memories with other people, and they  can play games that maybe weren’t shown enough so they never heard of them before. Lets move forward with why this might not be the best thing.

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds when talking about remasters is CASH GRAB. Yes, most people think right away that the company is using a re-release as an accuse to be lazy and make a profit on nostalgia. Think of it this way, the game is still great and the company updates the graphics and send it out again for roughly the same price, and they did half the work for roughly the same profit. The perfect example for this is the Nathan Drake Collection for the PS4. The game included all the uncharted games released on PS3, but with better visuals and graphics for the PS4. People who bought the games a couple years back on the PS3 thought it was ridiculous that they just re-released these games again instead of making uncharted 4. The other flip of the coin was the fact that not many people played uncharted before the PS4, so this allowed people who have never played or didn’t want to play, be able to play it now and prepare for uncharted 4.

The next big thing is when fans feel ripped off or they feel like they paid too much for the games. For example, if a game like Final Fantasy X / X2 was sold for ~$50 originally, but now it’s on Steam as remastered for ~$33, that’s still a pretty high price for a game that came out years and years ago. All you’re paying for is the better graphics and they still charge a semi-premium price for this game. Another great example is the fact that Infinity Ward (makers of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare) announced that they are remastering Call Of Duty 4, which is a fan favourite game. The catch is to get this older game, you MUST buy their new game, Infinite WarFare, to obtain the older game. So if you don’t feel comfortable spending ~$70 on a new game just to get the old game, you’re out of luck.

Nostalgia sells because we want to relive the games we use to play, and we want to share our fun memories with others who didn’t play the games. We love looking back and seeing how far gaming has come, but it comes at a price and it comes with its limitations. With the gaming market becoming so saturated with game genres and indie titles, it becomes hard to find those golden games that are worth playing. Remastering isn’t always the answer, but whenever a remaster is done right, such as Wind Waker, it makes for an amazing experience. When a game like COD 4 is going to be remastered but with limitations, it ruins the experience and makes it less likely that it will sell as well. I love remastered games and I hope companies can make time to do it right, but don’t create a cash grab out of it. Keep the games pure and keep them the way we use to play them.

If you have a game you use to play all the time, tell me what it was in the comments below. If you want a game to be remade let me know which game and why? Other than that, I hope you enjoyed and I hope to have a great day/evening/night and follow me here and on Twitter @EmersonKeeling for more up-to-date posts. Have a great one and I’ll talk to you all later!

Telus Interviewing Process (Edited)

Just like before, I’ve done the Nordstrom and Ivivva interviews and now I’m telling you about my experience about Telus. I choose to tell what I experience because it shows to me that it helps others who are in my shoes, and it helps them figure out what to prepare for and understand how the process works because I already went through it. I hope you enjoy and remember to follow, like and share if you enjoyed!

So Telus is a telecommunications company, and I’ve been fascinated to work there for a while. My dad works in their HQ corporate section, so I’ve always wanted to be like him. I go on their career section online from time to time, and I saw they were hiring a part-time sales rep in the mall beside where I live. I decided this is probably the 200+ job I’ve applied to, but lets give it a shot. The next 3 days I didn’t hear anything, but on the 4th day I received 2 emails from the HR. The first was a personality test online, which isn’t hard at all, then the second was she wanted to do a phone interview with me.

I did the test first, which it takes roughly 10 minutes, and all you do is click check boxes on 2 pages. The first page is what do you see in your team and the second page is how does your team see you. There are things like “smart”, “organized”, “out-going” and all those types of personalities to choose from. Then you submit and that’s that, so you won’t know if you failed right away because the HR will go through it.

Then I replied to email giving a date and time I can do the phone interview. The day was the next day and the interview time was in the late morning at 11am. She called me right at 11, which I was impressed, and then she began the formal interview. The 1 thing I don’t enjoy about phone interviews is I personally can’t hear people all the time. It’s hard for me because I just can’t make out every word due to the reception of my apartment, but luckily this wasn’t too bad with her. The MAJOR downside was not even 5 minutes in, the call drops on her end. I called back as fast as possible with no luck, and I emailed 2 different emails saying the situation. Luckily after 10 minutes she called back, apologized for the situation and we just continued on with the interview. I’m going to list a few key things she said to me, which maybe will be said to you if you’re applying for an in-store job:

  • You need to be comfortable wearing a uniform and name tag.
  • You need to sign-up for a company phone plan for $15 a month out of your own costs.
  • You need to be able to work days/evening/night and weekends.
  • You might have to travel 35km from your home store to another store in need.
  • You can’t book anytime off in August-September and December 10th-January 15th.
  • You need to be comfortable in a commission based environment (with a base pay).
  • You have to be adaptive and constantly learning everyday.
  • You need to be able to learn merchandising, receiving and sales while working.

So if any of that doesn’t work for you, at least now you know prior to taking the job, this is some expectations you should be aware of. Basically it comes down to this is retail and is a professional sales environment in a booming market. You need to be a fast learner and be ready all the time. The dates you can’t book off are called “Black out dates” meaning no-one can book off time during this time because it’s back to school season and Christmas season so they have the most promotions and most sales during those months and they require the most staff on hand during this time. They also do events like the iPhone launch, which you can’t book off, but they say it’s a time when most employee’s choose to work because there will be more hours and sales given to you if you work a launch date.

There is a $15 a month phone plan that you will have to pay for out of pocket each month. During my one-to-one interview, I got a little more details on how this works. I still need to clarify one more thing, but I won’t know unless they choose to hire me. I’ll update it when and if I do get hired. So basically you pay $15 a month to have a Telus phone, they don’t care if it’s your new personal phone or a phone they can have contact with you, you have to have a Telus phone line. The other flip of the coin (which is what I need more clarification on) is you have to have one of the phones they have in-store on you when working.

I have a OnePlus X, but I can’t use that phone on the sales floor. This is because they want customers and clients to see the employees using the phones that they’re selling, which in all fairness that does make sense. The only question I’m going to ask is how can I get a cheap phone on my $15 plan? I don’t want to be locked into a contract because I already have a phone, but if the contract can get me a phone at a reasonable price I don’t mind. Basically I don’t want to pay $300 for a new flagship phone, because I JUST got a new $300 phone. If I didn’t already get this phone, I wouldn’t care because regardless I would have spent money on a new phone. I’ll clarify this more if they end up hiring me, so check back again for the answer.

The plan itself is $15 a month (like I said before) and you get unlimited talk and text, as well as 6GB of data. That to me is a good plan, but if you are data hungry and can somehow go beyond 6GB, I believe he said there is another plan, but it might be a shared plan, which will cost you more. So my recommendation would be to stick with the base plan and work around 6GB, which I’ve only used at most 2GB in a month.

After the phone interview she said she wants me to move forward with an in person interview at the store with the store manager. Again, I chose the time that best worked and she only gave me the next day as an option, which is why my timing was key. This interview with the manager is going to be a “Behavioural Interview” (google it and please practice if you’ve never done one before). This means the second you walk through the door, they start the interview. They want to see how you act with the staff, how comfortable you look, they want to see if you’re too busy checking your phone etc.

I showed up the next day for my in person interview, which I was 10 minutes early for, and the store manager was just getting my resume and things to ask me (bring a resume anyways, because they don’t always get the resume right away). The manager took me to the food court, but on the way there he asked things like “How are you? How’s your day going? Any plans or work later today?” and those types of questions. Once we got to our table, he told me that this is a new interviewing style, and he is going to ask some questions that he has to, but since I’m a supervisor at another store, he wanted to ask questions and see how well I can answer them.

The majority of the interview was honestly just us talking, it wasn’t uncomfortable like “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “Tell me what Telus means to you and how much history you know of the company?” those hard typical questions weren’t as present. He did however ask a lot of “Okay, so what would you do if a customer needed help from another employee, but the employee was struggling?” and they always said there is no wrong answer, but honestly think before you say anything. I’ll quickly show some examples of questions and my responses that you might use:

Q. “If the store you work at now booked you for 2 shifts, but I booked you for the same 2 shifts, what would you do? Since you can’t be at both stores at the same time”.

A. I would first see what I’m doing for both the shifts, then I would ask around to see if anyone can take my shifts from one of each store. If no-one can take my shift I would then move up to my manager and ask if she can switch my shift with anyone from either store. If they couldn’t switch, I would then ask my store manager if they can call any nearby stores to see if anyone can work my shifts. This was about as detailed as he expected and said honestly if you put that much work into it, we would find someone from our stores and let you work the other job, only because we have more options to get people to work here if that happens. DON’T SAY YOU’LL CALL IN SICK because he said he gets that answer, and it’s not a relatively good one…

Q. “If a co-worker is helping a client with a new iPhone 6s Plus, but you can see they’re struggling with offering things such as accessories or protection plans, how would you help without taking over the sale?”

A. I would work on somehow nonchalant indicating that they should be recommending accessories. I would most likely either walk over to the accessories or I would go in the back and start to merchandise the iPhone 6S Plus cases and make eye contact with them to show them they should introduce these cases. Other options would be to confront the customer while he/she is on the computer getting the things setup for the client, and I would bring over a few cases and accessories and ask “Have you thought about any of these? or do any interest you at all?” and act as a wingman in the situation. Wingman was KEY in this answer, because it shows teamwork and respect of the employee and customer. 

Q. “Sell me the phone you have on you right now as if I never heard of it before” this is because they expect you to have a device in-store to promote that you can sell to the customer if they are like “sell me what you’re using” because that happens a lot.

A. Well I’m not going to sell you MY phone here on the blog, but look at your phone and practice selling the idea to someone. What would you say to someone who has never heard on an iPhone and how would you best sell it to them?

The only other things we talked about were hours, availability, flexibility and finally the blackout days. Let me explain each in a small chunk, because this might be important.

Hours: The hours at Telus are relatively good from what he said. You will at LEAST be working 11-12 hours a week minimum, most people are part-time and will work anywhere from 12-35 hours a week. The hours come from how well you do and how available you are (we will talk about next) so the more open you are the more they can book you. They also allow you to work at any Telus store in the region, so if you’re only getting 12 hours at your store, they can help you find another 12+ in another store(s) as well.

Availability: Even being part-time they would like for you to be available for 37 hours a week. They won’t guarantee you’ll work this much, but they need to make sure you can work for them. You need to be able to open, close and do weekends. They say everyone does weekends, so don’t feel thrown under the bus since you’re new. If you need time off, make sure it’s not in the blackout periods, however some store work around people who are far from home. They said for example I won’t be able to go home for the holidays, but if I worked Christmas, they would allow me New Years off because it’s only fair that half the staff work one or the other. If you work at another job, like myself, they will try to balance your jobs as best as they can, but you need to work out a deal with your other employer or decide what works best for you. They are good for working around other schedules, but keep that in mind.

Flexibility: The more flexible you are, the better you’ll do. You need to be open to work anytime and take as much training as you can. They work to help you do your best, so you need to work toward a personal goal. Just be open to them and work around them and you’ll be fine. It’s retail so expect what any retail location expects out of you.

*side note: They said as well, in the first 2-3 weeks of training, you’ll make little to no commission because you’ll be working under other staffs accounts so you can learn.

Blackout Days: I’ve talked about this too much and I want to take the time to just flat-out explain why they’re here and how will they effect you. Let start with explain what a blackout date is. A blackout date is a period when an event, promotion or holiday is happening and they need the most staff on hand and they will usually push the most sales. The reason they have blackout dates is to make sure that they have enough staff to support demand and to make it so no-one has an advantage, meaning just because you’re top seller doesn’t mean you can have time off during this time.

In August it’s back to school, so they need more staff to be there to launch the promotion. When the iPhone launches in September, they start the blackout date for that, because people will come in to get a new phone or upgrade.  Around December – January is the Holiday season, so they need the most of most staff there. They put these in place to make sure they won’t be understaffed at all.

There are times when you can book time off during those periods, but if it’s to see your family or go on a trip, most likely you won’t be able to because prior to being hired you were aware that these dates are locked in. So this is EXTREMELY important if you’re like me and live half a province from home, I won’t be going home for Christmas this year if I take this job because it’s a blackout date that I can’t work around. They said that if I worked Christmas for example, they would give me New Years off. Keep this all in mind because this to me was a big thing.

All-in-all the interview wasn’t bad at all. It was originally going to be 30-45 minutes but ended up being an hour and 15 minutes. I’m going to be very surprised if they don’t call me, but I’m very glad I finally got an interview with Telus. It’s a stepping stone in a direction I want to be in. If you are considering working at Telus, give it a shot. You don’t have much to loose and it’s an opportunity to grow.

If you enjoyed this post, give it a like! Retweet it as well and follow me here. I also want to hear back from you guys! Did you apply for a job or did you get a call back? Let me know in the comments. Tell me what I should expect and what you do at Telus. Again, follow me on here and Twitter @EmersonKeeling. Have a great day/evening/night and I’ll talk to you guys later!


So after about 2 weeks of no answer I gave the guy who interviewed me my newest availability, just so he knew if there were to be a starting date it wouldn’t work on those dates specifically. The guy replied 2 days later saying hey come this day to our job fair, we can do another interview with you there if you show up.

I decided to go to the job fair after switching shifts to get the day off, I get there and it’s a good old cattle call. There was 4 companies doing interviews on the spot, and the guy didn’t even show up. I didn’t end up doing the interview due to time limitations, but I was very disappointed that they did that.

I then go on their career site about 4 days later, and to my surprise they put their ad up again, so everyone who applied the first time and also went to the job fair had either been turned down or they may have hired a few here and there for other unrelated positions. It’s a real shame it went down south so fast after such a great interview, but sometime it’s not meant to be.

I hope you still take away my experience from this post, and hopefully you don’t get the rug pulled from underneath you like myself. Again I hope you’re all have a great day, have a good one and I’ll talk to you all later!



What’s Next For Consoles?

If you are a gamer or into gaming on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard about all the gaming drama with consoles and how they want to upgrade already. PC gamers sit back in their chairs and hope that games like uncharted and halo finally come to the PC, while PS4 has an upgrade coming, Nintendo has a mystery NX and Xbox wants to play on PC? We just have 1 question as gamers, what’s gone on?

I’m not here to do deep analysis and research on each console and their companies, I just want to talk about my opinion on all this and unfold why I think consoles are making so many changes. Sit back, relax and grab a cold one and enjoy this post of mine. If you have additional content or comments, please leave me a comment! I love to hear what you think is up, as well as follow me here if you enjoy this little opinion piece.

Where do we start? Well lets take the fact that PC is slowing blowing up. If you read my content, I’ve been getting into PC gaming myself and I’ve made a couple of posts about my experience so far. I as well own an Xbox One, which I love so much and play as much as I can on my downtime. PC gaming in my eyes was always too much work, too expensive and it was only good if you enjoyed modding or play cheap games. When I tried PC gaming for the first official time it was back when I was 13 and I tried COD 4: Modern Warfare on a PC in a new gaming center. I walked up to the computer and looked at the menu, I saw these weird things called “lobbies” that has different modes, maps and skill levels and it was overwhelming. On a console all you do is select what game mode you wanted to play (Team Death Match, Domination, Free for All, etc.)  and boom you’re in a lobby waiting for people. PC wasn’t this way AT ALL, and the first lobby I got into was a modded sniping lobby (which I didn’t know what that mean’t at the time) and basically all you could do was use a sniper and when you died a screaming dude yelled FAIIILLL and obviously this wasn’t a legit lobby and I don’t know how the heck I got into this lobby. So that turned me off of PC gaming.

Where is this long story going? Well for me PC gaming seemed just wrong, and console was the way to go. Xbox 360 had everything I needed, but today PC gaming is now easier for beginner and has more rules set in place to avoid what I experienced. The graphics look much better and the ability to use keyboard/mouse or ANY controller is appealing. Consoles now lack graphical power (but are still breathtaking) and they are sort of falling behind. The Xbox 360 and PS3 were okay because they had such a big jump in comparison to the PS2 and Xbox, but today people have a higher standard and PC is more to that standard. So what does Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo do? They need to work on a solution that will work with the general consumer to make a console seem like a worth while expense to have.

We look at PC gaming and it offers the following:

  • Backwards compatibility with ANY PC game ever made.
  • Free online and cross-platform multiplayer.
  • Upgradable internal components based on demand of the user.
  • Universal game applications, which include Steam, UPlay and Origin.
  • Cheaper games because of a larger retail market online and in-store.
  • It’s a computer, so literally any computing tasks.

Okay so those sound like compelling features to thrown down some extra cash and avoid a console right? Well consoles need to offer us, the consumers, something better or offer us more. We pay for online, we have very selected backwards compatibility, we can’t play cross-platform (yet.) and we are stuck using the controller that we have. Games can only be purchased through specific stores and all my console does it console things, so I can’t write an essay on it or open up adobe suite. Even graphics aren’t as good, so what do we do?

Okay, enough back story on PC gaming. PS4 has plans to release a higher graphical powered system to keep up with graphical changes in the industry, Xbox wants to somehow make an external GPU to keep your console up-to-date with PC graphics, but they also are putting out their console exclusive in their Xbox app on PC. Nintendo is making a whole new console and is pushing it back until they are ready to finally get back in the game after the Wii U. Xbox and PS4 offer FREE games when you subscriptions to online memberships and are working on doing cross-platform so you can play with people on either console. Xbox wants to lower their prices so everyone can afford the console so they can show consumers that a $300 Xbox One is cheaper than any alternative. It’s there, it works, but PC is growing so fast that it’s almost like we can see a grave being dug already.

I saw the first edition of a PC building magazines at my work. Companies are trying to hint at younger audiences to read how easy it is to build their own gaming computer and to start to save up, because the reward is an open ocean of PC gaming goodness. Consoles are fighting each other to climb the closing walls and it’s become a sad time to see this. I personally don’t see consoles going anywhere anytime soon, but I do however see the next generation of console in a few years time, they will have a lot harder time convincing their audiences and fans to stick with them and avoid the build or switch. It’s not that people won’t buy them, it’s just the standards will have a high bar, and with a higher bar will come a higher price.

Can I see Xbox bringing something like Halo 5 to PC? No. Can I see Xbox working on bringing more console exclusives to PC in works to keep their audience and users playing their games? Absolutely. Why? Because even if the customer buys it on a PC versus the console, Xbox and Microsoft will still be making money off the user playing that game, even if it’s not on their home console. It’s like saying if you have a fry shake at the beach, would it not be smart to open up another fry shake in town to allow people who don’t go all the way out to the beach to get your fries? It doesn’t stop you from making amazing fries for people at the beach who enjoy it there, but it allows you to offer it to people who maybe don’t go there. Does that make sense? I used this because it actually happened with a Taco truck in my home town. They had a Taco truck at our beach and during the winter they had little to no sales, so they decided to build a store in town and now they have customers who eat at one or both the stores. Is that a bad thing? no.

PS4 on the other hand is a little more mysterious because if they release the new 4K enabled model, what are developers going to do about everyone else with a regular PS4? The thing about bringing games to PC is they just need to allow support for keyboard and mouse, or they just use the controls from the same game with a controller, and they just need to allow a higher graphical and frames cap. This isn’t easy, but they have been doing this for years and years. Sony however hasn’t been doing this for years, and I don’t know how this transition will go because lets say I pick up a PS4 today, will the games work when the new console comes out? Will the price of my PS4 drop if the new ones comes out tomorrow? There is just so many questions because it’s literally them taking what they have, making a better one and re-releasing it again. Xbox might be putting out games on PC, but they aren’t making a twin Xbox to play the same game but at a better resolution.

Nintendo NX is something I don’t want to talk about because I need to wait until more about it comes out. All I know is Nintendo needs to work fast because they messed up. They have set a bar that was originally very low, and basically making a better console than the Wii U will make consumers happy. The downside now is they are making it so secret and pushing back dates for games like Zelda, people are thinking “Oh, maybe this will be a 4K gaming machine that will beat Xbox and PS4 combined!” and if they can’t deliver and release another Wii U, they might be dead in North America. I don’t want to make assumptions, but they NEED to make it right this time. The Wii was allowed bad graphics because the concept was so new, the Wii U isn’t bad, but the support isn’t there anymore and we will just need to see what happens.

I think after looking at all this, we see PC setting a bar that is becoming a really high challenge to match or beat. PC parts are becoming both more affordable and more powerful at a lower cost. You can pick up a GTX 750 Ti for roughly $170 that will match Xbox or PS4 quality, and it can be put into a pre-built PC. If you literally own a PC that is somewhat modern and has enough power, you can play console quality on your computer at home right now for half the price of either console. I got an R7 370 for $200 and it surpasses the consoles by a landslide, I’m laughing when I compare some games because now I can play 60fps no problem.

Again, will console start to port over more games to PC to reach that market? I think so. If they don’t they are purposefully losing out on a market that is growing. If they released Halo 5 or Uncharted 4 on PC, the game would sell faster than iPhones on launch day. If I’m Joe Smith buying my first gaming PC and I see Halo 5 or Uncharted 4 on my PC and all my friends with Xbox or PS4 are playing it already, I can now play with them on my new device. You aren’t losing money by putting out the games on PC, you’re just losing customers on your console, but you’re keeping them on PC. It’s a win and loose situation but its something that we can’t avoid in the near future. PC Master Race is taking over slowly and the reasons to own a COMPUTER that can do COMPUTER things like emails, web browsing or word documents as well as play your favourite games from consoles, it’s a no-brainer anymore.

Are you Team MS, PS, NX or PC? Let me know in the comments and tell me what you think will happen. I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion piece, and if you did follow me for more! @EmersonKeeling both here and Twitter. Have yourself a great day/evening/night and I’ll talk to you all later.